About Nezik

My name is Nezik, I was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco.

After moving to Toronto, Canada, it became important for me to share the wonder, the beauty of my home country with my new friends and family.
I am passionate about Morocco, as such, I landed in the travel industry, specializing in Morocco.

Through my experience designing and planning trips, I have built an extensive list of local connections some of which are with the women farmers and artisans of Morocco.

Why did I start importing Moroccan high quality fair-trade products like Argan oil?
I wanted to take part in supporting the Berber Women in Morocco especially right now when
 artisans and farmers in these regions are facing economic challenges.
It is important that these women continue to work to keep their social and economic independence.

I choose to work directly with the Women's Cooperative to bring you high quality fair-trade products that we can both be proud to stand behind.

Morocco With Nezik donates a significant percentage of its proceeds to support programs that benefit the Berber Women of Morocco, their families and community.

Some of these programs are "Empowerment Workshops" aimed to strengthen women as rights holders by providing tools to advocate and act on their needs and goals; and "Planting Trees" in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

On behalf of the women artisans and farmers, I thank you for choosing "Shop Morocco With Nezik" 

With gratitude always!